Dr. Isabelle Hui Yi LEONG

Dr. Kit Wayne CHEW

Dr. Sze Ying LEE

Dr. Yoong Kit LEONG

Dr. Wai Yan CHEAH

Dr. Chung Hong TAN

Dr. Revathy SANKARAN

Malcolm S Y TANG

Dr. Shir Reen CHIA

Dr. Guo Yong YEW

Dr. Kai Ling YU

Dr. Kuan Shiong, Jerry KHOO


Dr. Apurav Krishna KOYANDE

Dr. Angela Paul Peter

Dr. Doris Ying Ying TANG



Ph.D. Research Video

Dr. Doris Ying Ying TANG

Evaluation of Mixed Microalgae Species Biorefinery of Desmodesmus Sp. and Scenedesmus Sp. for Bioproduction Synthesis

Dr. Angela Paul Peter

Sustainable Cultivation of Microalgae Biomass for Bioenergy Production

Dr. Apurav Krishna Koyande

Biorefinery of Chlorella sp. using integrated multiphasic systems for biofuel, feed and wound healing application

Dr. Khoo Kuan Shiong

Green approaches and separation techniques for the recovery of pigments from microalgae

Dr. Yew Guo Yong

Lipid extraction via thermal fenton reaction in hybrid liquid biphasic system for biofuel and rubber-additive compounds