Principles of Multiple-Liquid Separation Systems
Interaction, Application and Advancement

Kit Wayne Chew, Shir Reen Chia, Pau Loke Show

Principles of Multiple-Liquid Separation Systems: Interaction, Application and Advancement describes the basic principles and advancements of multiple-liquid separation systems in downstream processing. Several important elements are included, such as the fundamental process and mechanisms of the multiple-liquid separation system, key principles of the interaction between different solvents and phase components, applications, and green solvents for the separation system. Furthermore, the book gives insights in commercializing this separation technique to industrial scale and making the process environmentally and economically sustainable. The book also presents constructive critics of this separation technique for both past and the latest findings.

Publisher: Elsevier

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Microalgae for Environmental Biotechnology
Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Applications

Pau Loke Show, Wai Siong Chai, Tau Chuan Ling

This is the first book to present the idea of using Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing in the microalgae industry for environmental biotechnology. It provides the latest developments on microalgae for use in environmental biotechnology, explains process analysis from an engineering point of view, and discusses the transition to smart manufacturing and how state of the art technologies can be incorporated. It covers applications, technologies, challenges, and future perspectives.

Publisher: CRC Press

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The Prospect of Industry 5.0 in Biomanufacturing

Pau Loke Show, Kit Wayne Chew, Tau Chuan Ling

This is the first book to present the idea of Industry 5.0 in biomanufacturing and bioprocess engineering, both upstream and downstream. The Prospect of Industry 5.0 in Biomanufacturing details the latest technologies and how they can be used efficiently and explains process analysis from an engineering point of view. In addition, it covers applications and challenges.

This book enables readers in industry and academia working in the biomanufacturing engineering sector to understand current trends and future directions in this field.

Publisher: CRC Press

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Liquid Biphasic System: Fundamentals and Applications in Bioseparation Technology

Pau Loke Show, Sze Ying Lee, Kit Wayne Chew

Downstream bioprocesses have a significant role to play in the creation of a sustainable biobased economy, enabling the creation of new products and systems from the more sustainable bioprocessing of natural products. Liquid Biphasic System: Fundamentals and Applications in Bioseparation Technology explores in detail the fundamental processes and applications of this new separation system, aiding in the understanding of the basic principles of the technique and offering constructive criticisms of the latest findings. Including coverage of the background, principles, mechanisms, and applications, Liquid Biphasic System addresses how to adapt the technology for the purification of useful compounds with greater cost efficiency and greener processing. It is essential reading for bioprocess engineers, biochemical engineers, biosystem engineers, chemists, and microbiologists working in the fields of bioprocessing. Researchers, scientists, and engineers concerned with the selection and evaluation of alternative bioseparation processes will find the book particularly useful.

Publisher: Elsevier

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Bioprocess Engineering: Downstream Processing

Pau Loke Show, Chien Wei Ooi, Tau Chuan Ling

Bioprocess Engineering: Downstream Processing is the first book to present the principles of bioprocess engineering, focusing on downstream bioprocessing. It aims to provide the latest bioprocess technology and explain process analysis from an engineering point of view, using worked examples related to biological systems. This book introduces the commonly used technologies for downstream processing of biobased products. The covered topics include centrifugation, filtration, membrane separation, reverse osmosis, chromatography, biosorption, liquid-liquid separation, and drying. The basic principles and mechanism of separation are covered in each of the topics, wherein the engineering concept and design are emphasized. This book is aimed at bioprocess engineers and professionals who wish to perform downstream processing for their feedstock, as well as students.

Publisher: CRC Press

Publication Date: 24th May 2019          BUY NOW